Our Achievements

Improving family planning and care for pregnant women

mother and babyIn 1990s abortion was the only method of family planning available to most Russian women. We cut the abortion rate fivefold in a district of 60,000 women of child-bearing age, by training staff at a Well Woman clinic in family planning, sex education and anti-natal care.

Introducing physiotherapy to Russia

In 1990s we helped introduce physiotherapy to Russia. Now local specialists are training others in the discipline. Their skills are helping disabled children learn to sit up, to stand and even to walk, when previously they might have been confined to bed. Our colleagues are at the forefront of changing attitudes to the disabled in Russia so that they can take their place in society.

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Aid
We delivered over 25 containers of humanitarian aid to St Petersburg. These contained life-saving hospital equipment, an ambulance, clothing for children in orphanages and fabrics and wool for workshops enabling local people to earn a living. The excellent, and absolutely transparent organisation that we built up at this time is the foundation of our work today.

The first Life Skills course for children in orphanages

life skills books
In 2005 we published a set of course books to teach children in orphanages how do their teeth, cook, get a job and avoid being made homeless. 14,000 copies of the course have been distributed through Russia.

Building a centre for children’s summer and winter camps in Karelia

We helped Kondopoga parish build a dacha, which is now used by children’s and youth groups from Karelia and St Petersburg. The house makes up for a severe lack of suitable facilities in this poor region of Russia.

A secure home and training centre for street children in Tbilisi, Georgia

In 2011 we helped buy a house for street children’s charity, Mkurnali. This now houses around 20 young people and several babies who would otherwise be homeless. While living there all receive a vocational training and start work so they need never return to life on the streets.

Preventing hearing loss in babies

Deaf - SGF equipment
Thanks to equipment provided by St Gregory’s, all premature babies are now screened for hearing loss soon after birth. Identifying problems early means that some hearing loss can be prevented, and those who will be hearing impaired for life can get help immediately at our club for hearing impaired children.